In front of Calais there is :

  • The Calais Ridens Bank (7.90m).
  • To the SW the Ridens de la rade bank (0,60m) where the sea breaks.

These banks are parallel to the coast, marked with lighted buoys. It is necessary to take a wide turn to continue the northern edge of the access channel.

Remarkable landmarks

East of Calais :

  • Old Walde lighthouse 3m ENE of the entrance - black cabin on pylon
  • The large red and white chimney 1m east of the inner harbour (78m)

In Calais :

  • Calais lighthouse (main light) 0.2m from the inner harbour
  • Notre-Dame church at 0.4m
  • The belfry of the town hall at 0.7m
  • The silos and the harbour traffic signal tower with radar (30m) on the eastern pier.

West of Calais:

  • Numerous buildings on the waterfront
  • A water tower
  • Sangatte light with a radar antenna
  • Cape Blanc-Nez with the Dover Patrol monument at 5.5m WSW


Commercial vessels have priority in the channel (call VHF 17 for any movement in the fore and aft harbour). The light signals and instructions given by the harbour master's office must be strictly respected when entering and leaving the harbour. Speed is limited to 10 knots in the fore harbour, 8 knots in the inner channel and the back harbour and 5 knots in the wet dock. Anchoring is prohibited in the inner harbour.